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Spooks Revenge
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Everything ends - The final battle with the Dark approaches

"He's the seventh son of a seventh son. His name is Thomas J. Ward and he's my gift to the County. When he's old enough we'll send you word. Train him well. He'll be the best apprentice you've ever had and he'll also be your last."

These were the words of Tom's Mam to the county Spook some years ago. As Tom, the Spook and their allies prepare to battle with the Fiend on a huge scale, to finally enact their revenge, it now remains to be seen whether Mam's declaration will come true.

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Seventh Son

Watch the trailer for the Seventh Son movie – see your favourite characters brought to life on the big screen! For more movie news, check out our Seventh Son page.

The Spook's Books by Joseph Delaney
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The Spook's Books by Joseph Delaney
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