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June 1, 2011
The end of Spooks…
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Each series must eventually come to an end. All along my intention has been to finish off the story of Tom Ward, the Spook, Alice and Grimalkin properly, leaving no loose ends. So I have now decided to end the Wardstone Chronicles with Book Ten.

Additionally, I Am Grimalkin and the I Am Alice book will not be spin-offs. Each will be part of the main ongoing narrative.

In June 2011 The Spook’s Destiny will be published.

In October 2011 I Am Grimalkin will see the witch-assassin play a major part in moving the story towards its conclusion.

In June 2012 Spook’s Nine will be published (at the moment I am close to completing its first draft). There is still no title!

In I Am Alice, which will come next, you will see Alice do what is necessary, and at whatever cost, to give the Spook and Tom a chance of finally destroying the Fiend.

And finally, in 2013, Spook’s Ten will mark the end of the series.

It is true that I have not yet decided how it will conclude, who will live and who will die. I am still discovering the ending.

Best wishes,

Joseph Delaney

315 Responses to “The end of Spooks…”
  1. Faun Says:

    I’m Faun

    So far I have all your books including Spooks Dastiny. I think all your books are great. We met once in the Kenmare Library, all my class came you talked about your books and writing them. Two weeks after that I started reading your first book. Now I wait for your next four books.

    PS: I Think it is cool how the Spook and Tom go to Kenmare.

  2. kirsten:) Says:

    really sad that the series is going to end…will you start writing up another book, or are you going to give up writing books altogether?

  3. Fionnuala Says:

    I can’t until the next spooks books come out im so excited lol!!!!! I really can’t wait to see what happens in the end. These are by far, the most amazing books i have read in my life (no joke). im sad these because will come to an end1 But i am so happy they have been written and published!!! they deserve an award! i highly recommend. ~ ^_^ ~

  4. ryan smurthwaite Says:

    dear joseph
    i am a commited reader to the the wardstone chronicals and am saddend to hear that you r bringing the series to an end after the tenth book i have been long awaiting the spooks destiny and will no doubt be engulfed in it like i have been with all the rest of the books i have all the books to date and have the bestiary was a real treat to read and see the ghosts,ghastand boggarts through your perspective it would be great to hear back from you with more news on the up comming books iif you have the time that is
    yours sincearly
    ryan smurthwaite

  5. Cyndi MN Says:

    I have enjoyed these books and eagerly await each new adventure. You can’t write them fast enough for me! I will be very sad when I close the book on the final installment but will re-read the series many times, I’m sure! You have such a wonderful way with this type of story that I hope you will continue writing about witches, boggarts, and the like. May we see a new series in the future?

  6. Jamie Carey Says:

    Cheers for the info. Hopefully get my hands on the new book soon. Just re-read the others 🙂 Good luck with it all.

  7. Andy Says:

    I’ve been following this series from book one and i’ve read each book about two or three times and it’s going to be sad to see it go, but i suppose everything has its time.
    I have yet to buy the spook’s destiny as i am waiting for it to be released as the limited collector’s edition. When will it be released?
    Also, any more news on the film? Please don’t make the same mistakes that ‘The Dark Is Rising’ made, as it was a good book, but the film let it down.

  8. Spooks_Rocks Says:

    Wow…..10 books huh? I am absolutely positively sure Alice will die…..( Now that i mentioned it….maybe she won’t. ) Grimalkin will be bind I think…..It’s possible right? And does Tom finish his apprentice hood in book 8? I know I am a freak giving so many suggestions…but….can i suggest book 10’s name? I wanna call it ‘ The Spook’s Last Stand ‘ I know it’s long…but it’s suitable right?

  9. Spooks_Rocks Says:

    And again I AM bonkers because I am giving a lot of suggestions and questions but…..I wanna suggest book nine’s title….’ The Spook’s Enemy ‘ because he will fight Siscoi and Siscoi is a VERY powerful enemy from what I have heard in The Spook’s Bestiary.

    Thanks, Mr. Joseph Delaney

  10. Viktor Benko Says:

    I am a huge fan of your books and I am a little upset because the end of the Wardstone Chronicleswill, but it’s true that every good thing has an ending so I am waiting your next books which I’m sure that will be fantastic so please do another series of book that are as grate as this series.
    Your admiringly fan from Romania
    Viktor Benko

  11. Sean Says:

    Noooooooooooo! Don’t end it! Read the Spook’s Destiny and loved all the Irish bits in it by the way! 🙂

  12. bryan Says:

    Hi i cant wait till the finale book please say tom doesn’t die!!!!!

  13. dylan Says:

    dang i was hoping it would go on forever.

  14. Alyssa Says:

    I’ll a little sad that the series is ending, but I’m sure that the remaining books will be wonderful, just like all the others. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful story to enjoy for so long.

  15. Harry Says:

    No matter how gut wrenching or scary the ending is, i know you’ll make me proud as you have done in the last books, and i know it’ll go out with a bang

  16. Unknown Says:

    Firstly, I am sorry for my English, it is not my first language.
    Great news! I totally forgot about these books! I started reading them when I was 9 or 10 years old and now I am 15. Recently I have noticed the books in my room and memories filled my mind. Every time a book was released I was so excited and happy… Then I wanted more and more…
    Yesterday I decided to see what is going on, I did not know what to expect, I thought that the series might have reached the end. I am glad to see that it is not the end. I really like the story, it is different from others and it is fascinating. As a child I was simply amazed. Even some parts of the story scared me, I remember with pleasure the beating of my heart in the dead of the night holding the book until reaching its end.
    To be honest, I am a bit worried about the last book, I know I will be very sad, beacause when I love a book, the characters become a part of me and I feel what they feel. Sometimes I cannot even read further, I need time to accept what happened. To sum up, The Spooks books were that type of books, they are a part of my childhood, they are important to me. To know that the adventure has not finished yet… It’s great.
    Keep up the good work! Best wishes from Roumania!

  17. emma Says:

    I can’t wait. I’ve enjoyed the series so much..despite them being kids books. I’m a big kid of 42!!! Pity about the change of cover but I live in hope of book six being bought for me one Christmas. Thanks for the hours of entertainment from a great story. XX

  18. Phillip Says:

    It truly ashame That an epic story like this is ending. I spended most of my high school years studying parapsychology and this is a pure epic and is the most exceptional reads since I read edgar allen poe collection. I read every book in the last apprentice series only to find this to more and more as a classic. I ve been collecting the spook series for future generations in my family. I’ve read the books to my little sister and she been into crytpozology such as big foot the yeti and nessi but this books series have true caught her interest. i reresd the books more time then i can remember. I personally won’t forget this series thank you Mr. Joseph Delaney

  19. Paula Says:

    I’ll be sad to see it end, but I’m very eager for the next books. May the series go out with the bang it deserves.

  20. Char Says:

    Two whole years until the end 🙁 how about Christmas for the ninth book?? =P
    I love all eight books so far though 🙂
    Will you be in Dublin any time soon? Please! I have 8 books to sign I got the spooks nightmare already signed when it was published signed 🙂 x

  21. Megan M Says:

    The series is about to come to an end…..The books are amzing anyway! I can’t WAIT ’till the Spook’s 9 is out!

  22. Wolfe Says:

    I can’t wait till book ten it will be sad for the series to end but there will be another series written.

  23. Sean Francis Says:

    Joseph! 🙁 You’re going to my local easons while I’m doing my junior cert. 🙁 Im actually so annoyed! I’ll have to sprint up at lunchtime! 🙂

  24. kimberly kraze Says:

    i am a great fan of this series!!
    and i had an idea!!
    why don’t you add someone from the future who found tom’s diary??

  25. Tom Says:

    Ohhh what a shame. Would you do another series of books?

  26. Megan M Says:

    Who will live and who will die? That cannot be good…

  27. Jade Belton Says:

    Hi Joseph,

    I have to say both me and my grandma have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your books and have each and every one so far but I have just one question will the series ever be made into a film series???

    I know they will not live up to the images created in my mind as I read but still I think it would be a great idea to consider it.

    Many thanks Jade

  28. mike Says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! ive only just started reading them the last month or so and im up to date apart from Destiny.

  29. aisling Says:

    🙁 i dont want them to end … wonder whos going to die !!! vhope tom and alice finly get “together “! in the next and up coming books xxx 🙂

  30. Spooks_Rocks Says:

    Yes! I finnaly have the 8th installment of the spooks..the spooks destiny! i got it 4 days from 7/6/2011! OH yeah i live in Malaysia… Can you come to Malaysia ?

  31. Spooks_Rocks Says:

    I got the ”Spooks Destiny” from last Saturday! The 4th!

  32. JoJo Says:

    To be perfectly honest i didn’t even know that spooks books exist untill i bought 1st, 2nd and 5th part on a car boot sale. By the end of first book i’ve got hooked. Each time from that point i was walking through the bookshops looking for new parts, waiting for a year to buy last book. I love spooks books and when i know that it’s just few left to finish the story… well will put it this way… I’m quite upset.
    I’m not english and reading in this language was quite difficult for me, untill your books.
    Just wanted to say thank you for hours of enjoyment and waiting untill october for grimalkins book.

  33. Daniella Wilson Says:

    Joseph Delaney, you are my best author and the spooks are amazing!!! i have read all of them and my libary teacher and I absolutly love them. i have now completed destiny and can’t wait for the others to be published!!! I have also read Witches and liked that also. Does alice ever get released because in the very end book it could end with ‘mam’ and ‘pan’ saving alice with their combined strength and alice returns but i am not sure what would happen next though.

  34. Harenesh Says:

    Hello, Mr . Delaney! I am Spooks_Rocks from the three comments……I really do hope you choose my suggestions for the last two titles.

  35. Zander Nyrond Says:

    Excellent news! I do like a series that comes to a proper ending.

    Still hoping that the remaining books in the series will also be published with the older (and better) covers, as books one to seven have been…

  36. amy roberts Says:

    Hi i am sorry to bother you on this site but i am having trouble finding and gaining access to an email address to contact you. my 11 year old daughter is a huge fan of your books and has just finshed spooks destiny, which she loved. i was wondering if i paid all the post and packaging and sent you one your books if you would please sign it for her.It would make her year!! i have left my email address and look forward to hearing from you. many thanks for your time.

  37. John Flynn Says:

    Are these books likely to be published in the same size format and with collectors covers.

    What was the reason for changing the size of The Spook’s Destiny, having collected them from the start I am a bit dissapointed that not only have the covers changed, (hopefully the remainder will get the collectors version covers), but now I find the format has changed completely to a much larger book.

    I have already emailed the publishers weeks ago but they have failed to respond.

    Thanks for your time.

  38. Redbunnybun Says:


    Well, it’s always bad to see a good series end, especially one as good as this.

    Enjoying trhe series so far though 🙂

  39. dan Says:


  40. Joe Says:

    Are You going to make films from the books?

  41. Abbie Says:

    Wow! I am a huge fan and can’t read to see how many more tricks you’ve got up your sleve.Abbie age 11

  42. Rich Says:

    Oh man, I just discovered the series, it’s fantastic; I can’t read enough and I definitely don’t want to see it coming to an end! Slow down the writing if you have to but don’t end it 😉

  43. Dylan Says:

    Hey Joseph my name is Dylan Patrick and I was just wondering why do you want to cut the series off at book ten because the wardstone chronicles is a really good series and 2 more things did you get toms last name ward from wardstone and lastly I’n battle why did you cut off the end because the spook Alice and Tom were in jacks farm and then all of a sudden it goes Ellie is scared about witches and jacks not doing well from Dylan number 1 fan

  44. Dylan Says:

    Hey its me Dylan again I was just wondering not to be rude or anything but if you pass away would you have some to write the rest of the series

  45. Dylan Says:

    When will there be a spooks movie and also the spooks apprentice is the same as revenge of the witch the spooks curse is the same as curse of the Bayne well to make a long story short the last apprentice series is the same as the wardstone chrImogene why is that

  46. Liam Marsh Says:

    I wonder who will live and who will die ?

  47. Paul McGovern Says:

    It’s always sad when a truly great series of books comes to an end (Harry Potter, David Gemmell’s Drenai and Rigante, Percy Jackson etc) – thankfully we don’t have to face that prospect for a couple of years with the Spooks series. I would love it if you could come to the north-west of Ireland for one of the book launches / tours. Mostly authors visit Dublin / Cork or Belfast, but Letterkenny, Co. Donegal would love to have you!! I am looking forward to more twists and turns before the Tom and the Spook bid us adieu!!

  48. nick Says:

    joseph i cant wait till the end, you have brought us on a long and periless journey with tom, the spook and alice and i await every new book with excitement so it is good to know there will be more on grimalkin and alice. keep up the good work. nick (age 34)

  49. Elise Says:

    I really love your books Joseph. Great job and thank you!

  50. Daniella Wilson Says:

    Joseph Delaney, you are my best author and the spooks are amazing!!! i have read all of them and my libary teacher and I absolutly love them. i have now completed destiny and can’t wait for the others to be published!!! I have also read Witches and liked that also. Does alice ever get back to normal because in the very end book it could end with ‘Tom’ asking ‘pan’ to trap alices evil inside her so she returns to how she was and not ‘enjoying’ killing people and testing her strength.

  51. Daniella Wilson Says:

    ignore the first one my sister wrote the last bit to annoy me

  52. Ben Says:

    Please do not end the Spooks series.

  53. Joe Says:

    Please make a 11th book

  54. Mark Travis Says:

    will Book 9 be the one with the journey to Transylvania ?
    the series has so much potential
    hope it won`t become a tv show made by hbo or a movie that will combine the plot of 3 novels at the same time.that would be just..spooky 🙂

  55. LJ Says:

    Going by the preface won’t Tom or the Spook have to be killed?

  56. Alex Chapman Says:

    wow i am a huge fan looking forward to those books so much but i dont want it to come to an end !!!! 🙂

  57. Julia Gonzales Says:

    WOOOOOOWWWW!!!!! i absolutely LOVE this series!!!! I can’t get enough! It’s kindof hard to think about the series ending but… everything must come to an end at some point…Harry Potter did! I’m so glad to hear the there will defiantly be more books to look forward to! Can’t wait for the movie, should be amazing. Keep up the great work! You are in my prayers! And what ever you do DON’T STOP BEING AN AUTHOR!!!!

  58. Lawrence Isaac Says:

    I am your biggest fan but that’s just my opinion. But I find it really upsetting that the spooks books will be ending because I had lots of great times with them,and lots of great memories like when I read my first spooks book. And lots of people will agree so please don’t end the spooks please!!!!! 🙁

  59. Erna Says:

    Wow, the book was awsome 🙂

  60. Phillip Says:

    It sad to see such epic and notable book series go. It memersing and paranormal story is what I expected. It storyline is still griping and is still suspence to this day as I read the books. thank you very, very much Mr.Delaney. Peace and prosperty. Phillip

  61. Harenesh Says:

    Hey, Mr. Delaney…..I finished reading the 8th installment… I knew there was a kind of relationship between Tom and Alice. Hopefully she may be able to cross running water……Th dark has struck Alice……and the light has stuck the Fiend……

  62. Ellis Says:

    Is it possible for all books to be printed in the old hard back cover i hate the new ones ! great job writing theese though ive been reading for years

  63. Wolfe Says:

    the spooks series is awesome I have got all of the spooks books so far my faviroute character is grimalkin she is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Jerin Says:

    I am upset by the end of the series i practically love reading this series

  65. ross Says:

    the spooks books are by far the best books ever and it is sad that they have to end

  66. Erran Kerrigan Says:

    I remember you talking about writing a book about them going to transylvania and battling the old vampire god there. If so will you have to create a new serious about Tom Wards journey after he kills the fiend and becomes a real spook because you cant fit that into the first serious, can you?

  67. Keziah Austin Says:

    cooool. in america, its called the last apprentice and harpercollins publishes it. i went to their website and read the first three chapters.

  68. Jacob Graham Says:

    If you kill off Alice you’ll be forever branded a heartless murderer.
    Just sayin’…

    But seriously, keep up the good work! We’re all looking forward to it!

  69. George Says:

    Hello! I only just started reading your book’s and I think they are amazing! I never used to read until I got my hands on ‘The Spooks Apprentice’In my view They are allot better that the ‘Alex Rider series’. You are seriously the best author ever! You have so many cliff hangers within each and every page which is why me and your other fans love your book’s so much! I have never been to Lancashire but after reading your books I certainly plan on going there! Hope you have noticed this comment, From George! (:

  70. Girard Anne Says:

    Mr Delaney ,
    Just a little idea for the last book , Spook’s ten : why don’t you write it like a CYOA book ?By that way , we will read it many times , and will change Tom destiny .
    Sorry for mistakes I’m french .
    Thanks for your books , all the family is fan !
    Take care Mr Delanay ,

    Anne , Phil .

  71. jacob Says:

    hi i have almost finished the first book i started it 2 weeks ago and with my birthday money i bought book 2 book 4 book 5 and book 6 i’m enjoying the book allot and cant wait to get the rest of the books!!!!!!!

  72. Lívia Perry Says:

    Joseph, please do not!! You will kill your fans this way! ”The Spook” can not ever end! The story must go on, can not simply end the best thing ever! Please, I beg you, as who thinks to be your biggest fan, please, please, don’t finish it. Please, please! I am in panic!!! I beg you to write more! Please, on behalf of all fans of The Spook, please…

  73. Scott Says:

    I will be sad to see it end..but what a ride it’s been! Such fun.

  74. Scotty Says:

    I love these books and hope that you won’t kill Grimalkin.

  75. Melanie Says:

    This has been such a great series, it will be sad to see it come to an end. Thank you for such a excellent run of books!

  76. Mikail Atiyeh Says:

    Dear Joseph Delany,

    Its great to hear that the 8th book has been published and that you will finish the job right. I wish for you only the best with the other final books and to wish you good luck with finiding a title for book nine & Ten 🙂

    I cant wait to buy the Spook’s Destiny, I have been waiting so patiently for it to be released and that I am so anxious to what happens next in the Wardstone Chronicles 😀

    Best of wishes,
    Mikail Atiyeh

  77. jacob2500 Says:

    Joseph Delaney

    will there be a movie based on your books when you finnish writing the series!!!

    from jacob

  78. George (Age 9) Says:

    Loving your books. Have not got hold of The Spooks Destiny yet but have ordered it. Would love to get it signed. Are you doing any tours in the near future? This series is my favourite (even better than Harry Potter!)

    From George

  79. john Says:

    i cant wait until i get the newest book i have been to the shop twice and they haven’t had a shipment in yet but they are getting them tomorrow. i would love to know when your coming to glasgow

  80. Charlotte Says:

    Thank you for creating these characters inside these incredible stories! We are truly blessed with your master storytelling!! These stories will be passed down for ages!!

  81. Chef Says:

    Amazing stuff, just started reading it to my sons. Found it in our local library, which we visit religiously. Thank you

  82. jack Says:

    with all due respect you an ausome writer and you have an ausome series. But you gonna need somet realy big and somet realy scary to kill some of these characters you have there more or less unkillable together.

  83. Kathy Says:

    Dear Mr. Delaney,
    I know it’s none of my business, but please, please, please, don’t kill off any of the major characters – Tom, Alice, and the Spook. You get attached to people and like to think of them going on forever inside the literary world. Sappy, I know, however….
    Thanks for writing them!

  84. Sebastian Says:

    I hope the Devil will die.And Tom will survive.
    The Spooks Bestiary will appear in Romania?I hope Corint still buy your books.
    P.S You are one of my favorite writers.

  85. lauren Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Ypu cant stop the books!!!! they’re to good to be stopped!!!! AAAAAAWWWW, I’ll miss them. :'(. Mr Delaney, you are my insparation to write, please dont stop!!!
    Best wishes for the future,

  86. Nick Says:

    Quick question, why do the U.S and Europe covers differ? Also, are there any plans to continue the story, with the remaining characters, I hate to have an end to such a great series, I love the characters. Have you considered continuing the story with a different title after book 10 is complete?

  87. Richard.V Says:

    After the Ward stone saga is done maybe you can do a book or 2 on John gregory’s past which would cool as well anyway thanks for all the books u published and will publish.
    Thanks Joseph Delany

  88. Anthony Says:

    No. I dont think Alice will die because one of the creatures of the dark told Tom about his future, and he said that they’ll live together and Alice will betray him and then die for him. So I guess she MIGHT die but it would be when she’s an adult.

  89. Jordan Says:

    It will be sad once the series has finished its the only book i have enjoyed reading and all of them so far have been looking forward to reading the rest.

  90. Aimee Woodward Says:

    hi i realy enjoyed you coming into are school yesterday and i really enjoy lisening to you you a role modle thanks please write back if you can

  91. robbie boxall Says:

    Has anyone seen the litle blurb thing at the start of the bookthat says about an epic battle and the wardstone becaus ive a theory that this tells you alot about how the series might conclude if you read it carefully enough you might find some clues.BTW the spooks books are amazing.

  92. robbie boxall Says:

    like i said before about the little blurb at the front of the book i think it gives some indication tom will die but if you decide to let him live on the maybee you ould make a new series about his adventures as a spook or even him training an apprentice to fight a new rising evil of the dark. If tom does die (which i will find very sad) then maybee you could wright about a diffrent apprentice tat stumbles accross a house in chipenden and makes friends with a lonely boggart and disscovers all kinds of cool things including a locked door that he later discovers leads to a library full of wonderfull mysteries. i dont know if the spooks house in chipenden is burned to the ground or anything because ive only just finished book five as i only recently discovered the series. please give my suggestions some thought.

  93. Xochitl Says:

    Mr. Delaney,
    Woa, I can’t believe the series is coming to an end. I just wanted to say that me and my mom have enjoyed your books very much, you are an amazing writer and I am looking forward to the next books. Thanks for writing these books, I have followed your series since book one, and have read them all many times 🙂 and I am a big fan 🙂 thanks for all the amazing reads 😀 Please keep writing after the spooks series, I love your work 🙂
    your biggest American fan
    Xochitl Avalos

  94. keera taylor Says:

    when you came into st. saviours and showed us your books i got a idea of writing my own, its nearly done and im very proud of it!

    thank you

    best wishes
    keera taylor

  95. ciamalkin Says:

    I can’t believe there comming to an end ): I think that ‘spooks Enemy’is a good name for book nine.
    the wardstone chronicles is the best series I have ever read and I would love to see the film of it.

  96. Tom Grundy Says:

    Will you make a new series continuing the life of Tom when he is a “Certified” Spook or Will you just leave it at an end at book 10?

  97. Lydia Says:

    I love your books so much! They are my favorite series. I was looking for this type of books really much. Can’t believe there’s an end. I am very sad about it. I have some questions: 1. Is the rule that that the seventh son of a seventh son has Spook “powers” applied at feminine, too? (I mean, if the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter has the same “powers”- i was thinking at that days in row) 2.Will the action in the 10th book really be in Romania? 3. Will you start a new series of books in this type? 4. Will you make other tours before the series ends? (lost the one in my country in 2008 🙁 ) Sorry for lots of questions, but I am so curious!
    Big fan from Romania

  98. Fernanda Says:

    I’m your fan and I love your books. Yours books are my kind of books, and I love them. I really wanted you to write the book number 11, will be that you could not do it? I would be extremely happy.

  99. Jake Says:

    After You Came To Moorside [my school] I Have Started Reading Your Books And Their Amazing

  100. roisin gorman Says:

    I know all series havo end but it is really sad to hear they will end so soon . I have read each book 3 times , they are soooo good and I always think about them even when I am not reading ! make the last one count ! love roisin gorman !:]

  101. Yes_We_Are Says:

    School projet~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Great bookd

  102. Molly Says:

    I am a big fan of this series, I have enjoyed reading them. When I first started to read them only three of them were published. Every time a new one comes out I re-read the previous ones. I have written a Fanfiction about Tom and Alice traveling around the county after The Spook for some unknown reason tries to drown Alice. These books have greatly influenced me in a very good way and I thank you for that. I’m looking forward to the conclusion and hope Alice and Tom are happy in the end.

  103. hollie Says:

    i think your books are amazing i am still trying to find a website where i can read them:) i have read them all so far and cant wait for more to come. i live near pendle hill and have been walking up there loads of times:D i am also excited about the film as i find films are better than the books but its tough competition:)

    from hollie

  104. Megan M Says:

    I can’t wait to find out the ending though it is sad that the series is almost coming to an end, then again everything does. What I really can’t wait for is to see what happens to poor Alice. Also how will Tom and the Spook cope with her complete transformation. I guess we have to wait…
    Love the books!!

  105. Roger Says:

    Please whatever you do Dont kill off Alice or Tom for that matter. You never know, even though you say that number 10 will complete the series anything can happen. Alice and Tom half to end up together.

  106. Paige Says:

    We met once at a book signing. I haven’t read anything so good since Harry Potter!

    I think I know how the series will end. At the start of every book you have a little paragraph. I read between the lines of it. At the highest point on the fells, is Tom going to die destroying the devil? At first I thought it might be John but then it said they called it, The Wardstone.

    If you’re going to kill Tom off.. Do it well.

    Your greatest fan,

    Paige, England.

  107. Paige Says:

    Oh, and make a film:) I want to audition for Alice. Who might die.

    By the way. When I said ‘Do it well’ I didn’t mean I wanted him to.

    Thanks for being so awesome:)

    Love, Paige.

  108. rebecca annie Says:

    i really want these spooks books to carry on and hope that you can publish some diffrent ones, because i am a HUGE fan and cannot think how i am going to live without them i only borrow them from the librarybut in my spare time my head never leaves the book (and to be honest every time i mention it now my mum rolls her eyes)
    i really do hope that i can finish your books with an instinct telling me that yo will do another series of maybe when tom goes onto being a spook himself i am on book six and seem to be racing a woman at the libary!! i hope that me and you can meet one day Mr. delany you can contact me trough whitworth libary! please please please do another series of books like the ones you do now.

    thank you Mr. Delany

  109. Joseph Wilson Says:

    Phenominal.I loved when Tom chopped the Fiend’s head off. Well done.

  110. christopher Says:


    hi, im a big fan of yours, and I absolutely love your books and sad to see the Wardstone Chronicals is coming to an end, but I guess everything needs to end sometime. But maybe you could write another series of books similar to the Wardstone Chronicals.


  111. Frances Says:

    I’ve resisted posting for a few years & although it’s sad to hear the end approaches somewhat soon I am also overjoyed as I feared the ‘Spooks Destiny’ would be the last. It was wonderful to see Grimalkin and Ireland feature in the book last released as the Grim is my favourite character and I’m Irish! My 10yr old daughter and I have had so much fun in recent years; reading these books and fussing over who got to them first!

    I had a pretty cool idea for the Grimalkin characters perfect son, so if you’re interested give me an email! You’ve already proven that you listen to fans, so I wouldn’t spoil by printing here an idea you may already have had yourself anyway! (ha! Ya, I know).

    Back to original topic – if it must all end, couldn’t someone trusted (or even the BBC!!!) produce a lengthy tv series rather than a movie? The next Doctor Who-like phenominon? I fear there’s too much action/suspense/narrative to be thrown into a single movie, or even two. It would also be amazing to see an aspect of the stories as a graphic novel: we could follow the ‘next spooks’ through their adventures everywhere!

    Thanks Joseph, for all the entertainment & discussion in our home : )

  112. abbey Says:

    i must say on the behalf of everyone we are all sad to see the series end. this was the first series i ever sunk my teeth into. and have followed it through since the book award. i would love to get my other books signed, if you could give me any info on if your doing another book signing please can you post details.

    thanks for a great series so far can’t wait till October!!!
    please keep writing though, your description are as good as the conversations. once i have the book in my hand i can’t put it down till i’ve finished it.

  113. Alicia mcmanus Says:


    I am a huge fan. I first started reading your books when I taught resource and wanted to instill a love of reading in my kids instead you instilled a love of reading in me.

    Thank You!!

  114. David Farrant Says:

    Gday Joseph, firstly your spooks books are awesome i wasnt much into books till someone gave the spooks apprentice to me as a gift, now iv read every book at least twice and am just about to finish spooks destiny. Its sad the series is going to end every book has been more excitingly hectic than the last, they would make a great movie, but it would probally get a MA15+ ratin. Never stop weiting mate 🙂

    Your no.1 Australian fan

  115. Granny Weatherwax Says:

    Andy – look on Amazon….! The Spook books are a brilliant read, they just drag you in and you can’t put them down. Best “kids” books ever – and I’m “only” 59 🙂

  116. George Sargent Says:

    I am very sad that the series is going to end because i am a BIG fan but they are the best books i have ever read. Will you right some more books like the spooks series?

    George Sargent

  117. john blobby Says:

    do you sign every the spook’s bestairy books

  118. andrea Says:

    hi i have only just start to read your books their so intresting and facinating , im 13 and im thinking about becoming a writer , i just wanted to know what encouraged and inspired you to write the series? thanx

  119. Lucy Says:

    Hi, i really love the spooks books and am really sad that it has to end. Do you think that the film will be as good as the books? i hope so! i’ve been reading the Wardstone Cronicles since book 1 and i LOVE them. i hope there’s gonna be a brilliant ending…. i feel like such a spooks nerd, but i love it anyway! do you think John Gregory will die, and that Alice and Tom will get together….i hope John doesn’t cuz that will just be sad. but i think Grimalkin will die protecting the devils head
    Good luck from your(feeling really nerdy) fan!

  120. Denise Gauchier Says:

    Hi, I am a 42 year old fan from Canada, the titles of your books are different here. I eagerly awaited and read the last one, book 8, The Rage of the Fallen; I can’t wait for book 9. I really enjoy them, love them, actually. Grimalkin is my favorite character. The artwork is simply amazing. I do have one request, when the Spook finishes rebuilding his house at Chipenden, please bring back the boggart. If you are ever in Western Canada, stop by and autograph all of your books, lol.

  121. Louisa Says:

    I adore the spooks books. They are my favourite series. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.
    Joseph, Please hurrry!

  122. Jon Cull Says:

    I think your books are amazing, although I admit I have not read all of them yet but I told my best friend about them and we both adore them. Maybe you should make a new series but Tom as the Spook and he has an apprentice. It would be cool but i don’t know what it would involve.???
    Anyway your books are amazing!

  123. Louisa Says:

    I love the Wardstone chronicles. They are my favorite series! The end will be sad but I can’t wait to see what happens to Tom, Alice and the spook. I can’t wait to read “The Spooks destiny” and the rest of the series.
    Please hurry Mr. Delaney!

  124. Darren Says:

    I really want to know when spooks series are finished will you start writing a new series

  125. huw Says:

    I really like your books and yes Alice must die. I also want to ask you if I can use my Canon EOS Rebel T3i and take pictures for your portfolio if you haven’t got one yet?

  126. Dean Says:

    I loved all your books and they inspired me to start writing even though I am only 11, I have wrote a thew really short stories based a greek mythology but I can’t seem to ge any detail on the characters or their surroundings have you got any tips please reply!!!!

    PS. I am also my own illustrator and i have finised the faces and the clothes on 3 of my characters.

  127. Olivia Otley Says:

    i am also really sad that it will be the end of a brilliant series of books!! you once came into our school on monday, and i cant wait for the spooks blood!! i have read the spooks destiny, and i am so sad to read the part about grimalkin!!! (im not going to give it away, youll have to read it!!) i hope that they do bind the fiend, and that tom carries on his apprentiship!!!

  128. owen Says:

    hi Joseph Delaney im Owen a really really big big fan of you’re books. Till now i have enjoyed reading you’re books. i wish that in the last book there will be a great battle like the one in the the spooks sacrifice.
    i really wish you keep on writing on the spooks but its done.we, all fans of yours wish you to keep on writing on the spooks. hope you start a new serious of books.

    A really really big big fan Owen
    from Malta

  129. danielle latin Says:

    i can not wait to see what happens because these books have changed my reading level by 4 im 11 and a girl but i love cruelty and assasinating iam traning to become like grimalkin

  130. john Says:

    i am currently reading destiny and i’ve read all the others. when are you coming to glasgow

  131. Rachelx95 Says:

    These books are the best books I’ve ever read and my cousin loves them too, it’s sad the books are going to end but hopefully you write more books of a new series, would buy every one of them
    Can’t wait to buy the spooks destiny and it’s set in Ireland lol where I live, you should come to Dublin to do a book signing
    Really looking forward to the very last book because I have a feeling the spook will die actually ir always thought that but I hope he lives but we will see
    Going to be a good journey 🙂
    Yours sincerly Rachel murphy

  132. Callum Says:

    to be honest josheph isnt exactly doing anything wrong he is giving the fans 4 more books!! and hopefully they make films out of all of them i am currently on the spooks battle and may i say that they get better and better every time thanks for the memories josheph!!!! =D cant wait for your films 🙂

  133. Joe Says:

    Hi Joseph…
    When are you going to make the films because the books are excellent can i recomend the last book. THE SPOOKS REVENGE….

  134. Richard Nolan Says:

    Cant believe it it took me a while to get over Harry Potter my Mother recomended The Spooks and I got over Harry Potter but to hav it happen again…. Its to much(sobs)

  135. Richard Nolan Says:

    Cant believe it took me a while to get over Harry Potter my Mother recomended The Spooks and I got over Harry Potter but to hav it happen again…. Its to much(sobs)

  136. annie Says:

    hi its annie,
    we met in garstang library once, and i have emailed you many times before. i have just bought The Spooks Destiny today as a late birthday present, and cant wait to read it. I think in the eng you should have somthing about how tom grows into adult hood, and how he is a sppok and his first aprentice. just an idea but anyway love the series and cant wait for the next book.
    Your no.1 fan,

  137. John Says:

    It saddens me deeply to hear that you will be ending the series at book Ten. I am a huge fan and have all the books in the collectors cover (apart from sacrifice) 🙁 and have even pre ordered the spooks destiny in the collectors cover. I am just starting to read all the books again for the 5th time! All good things must come to an end eventually, but perhaps i could add my little bit. At the end of the last book, you could have it finish that someone writes to Thomas like his mam wrote to the spook, asking for her son to be Thoms apprentice (Dear Thomas J. Ward, My son is a seventh son of a seventh son…… ect. The student becomes the master.
    Your biggest fan!
    John P.s when are you going to do another book signing?

  138. luci Says:

    i have loved your books since the beginning and will stay with them till the end. I was wondering if you have read The Lancashire Witches by William Harrison Ainsworth? I had no idea that Pendle and the witches are a real chapter from history. Quite fascinating!

  139. Sam Katihrob Says:

    Hi Joseph,
    I’m so sad the series has to end 🙁 I can’t wait for I am Grimalkin as she is my favourite character and I’m glad she is getting more of a roll, If i had to pick an ending it would be:
    The fiend has tom and alice prisoner, the spook tries to save them but dies and grimalkin and a mob of witches come and aid tom and alice to safety and eventually, destroy the fiend! I love your books so much!
    Yours faithfully
    Sam Katihrob
    P.S. Please do book signings at Manchester Or Liverpool! 😀

  140. greenalfonzo Says:

    Please don’t kill off Tom. I think you should leave the door open to a future series of him as an older spook, perhaps training a new apprentice (or series of them!)

  141. Spooksfan22 Says:

    Dear Joseph
    Please continue a new series after the spooks series is finished. I can easily confirm that they were the best books I have ever read. For you next series could you maybe do a series about mam or John Gregory’s apprenticeship to Henry Horrocks please. This would mean the world to me.
    Spooks fan (of boggart territory)

  142. Devilslayer Says:

    Will you right a new series?
    Maybe for one of his brothers(maybe he will be a paladin)
    And im sure im one of the bigest belgian fans
    Beacuz I learn French at school
    And i read your books in english ( only three of them are in english)
    And in a month i could buy the spok’s destiny
    And the movies are also gonna be awsome(and wen there are really good action movies there will also maybe be a video game!!!!)

  143. Nathan Larkin Says:

    I would just like to say thankyou Joseph. A few years ago I was given the first two books of the series and am now completly hooked. Ive just finished reading the 8th book and just feel that thanks is in order for giving me such an amazing series to read. Best of luck writing the next books and if there as good as the previous books have been i cant wait.

  144. Raaed Says:

    Im Raaed,

    I have just started reading your book and already it is my favorite book.
    I am looking forward to the film, make it exactly like the book because others book like Percy Jackson are good but the film is really bad.

  145. Mhairi Says:

    I am a massive fan of your books and your series of books is by far the best I’ve ever read! The unfortunate truth is that you cannot write them fast enough for me! I can’t wait till the next books come out. I’m very sad about the end of the series but I know I will definetly re-read all of your books again and again.

    Thanks from your biggest Scottish fan,

  146. Niamh Says:

    I can’t wait for the next books coming out the spooks destiny is already out and I have ordered it but I don’t want the books to end.

  147. saif Says:

    one off the best books spooks mistake took spooks the searies to a next level.I just cant stop reading,i am just waiting for the tenth book of spooks to get into market.:]

  148. Alex Says:

    Wait! So you have to read I Am Grimalkin and I Am Alice as part of the series? They’re actually PART of the series? So there’s 12 Spook’s books?

  149. Michael Brown Says:

    Hello, i am Mike

    I am so upset that i could not see during your signing in the fromby book shop and at the Water stone signing, Just saying but i need to know one thing is the last book is when the spook retires and he lets tom do the rest i aint that old i am abou 13 i really love your books.

    And P.S
    Some parts of your books have spelling mistakes

  150. Matthew Says:

    I wish to thank you i have a disability and before the spook i had not read a whole book. The spook, tom and alice are amazeing characters.

  151. zain Says:

    Please read! I love your books soooo much i wish they were true. But in the last book can you end it with a happpy ending please tom ending up with alice please! it will make the book soooo much more awsome btw the spooks destiny was the best i have ever read! plz reply.

  152. Payton Thompson Says:

    Mr. Delaney,

    I am Eighteen years old and love your books. I don’t know if this is true, but if it’s based on your website, your fan-base tends to be a little younger oriented (or younger-hearted, depending :p) than I am. I must say, though, I have always loved the Wardstone Chronicles from the beginning and am delighted that their climax is getting steadily more exciting, the characters more developed, and even, I notice, that Tom is growing up a little more each book. 🙂 Just wanted to pop in and say I had NO IDEA that there was going to be a movie until I plucked the courage to look at your website today! How wonderful! I hope they do your wonderful books the honor they deserve.

    Your friend in words,

  153. Chloe Says:

    Hello, i love these books SO much! They are definitely my favourite! I started buying them in the old covers, and since the new covers came out it’s rare the old covers are published. I was wondering if the books I am Grimalkin, Spook’s Nine, I am Alice, & Spook’s Ten, could be brought out in the old covers 🙂 Thankyou so much for writing these amazing books!
    Best wishes

  154. Austin A Says:

    Dear Mr. Delaney,

    I started reading your books when I was in sixth grade. I am now a senior in school and own every one you have made. Multiple copies in fact in case something would happen!! I am very excited to see how you will close this excellent escapade of a fabulous world you have created. Each line you write puts an image in my head that makes me feel as if I’m a part of the story itself. No matter how you decide you end it, Mr. Delaney, you will always have my support and thanks for creating a place where boggarts do run free, witches roam, and a Spook is always needed to keep them in check 🙂

    P.s. I was wondering if there would be any way possible to somehow insert the name Austin into one of your remaining books. Even if it is just a filler. That would be so awesome to see that!!! I’m a major fan. I would love to here a reply, and hope all is well

    Austin Anderson

  155. Lívia Perry Says:

    Dear Joseph Delaney
    I was traveling until today and was surprised with my messages posted on the site, by the way, thank you for having published them .
    (A little late), I wish you happy birthday, (I was without internet until today) and I can not forget to wish Tom (my hero, by the way) happy birthday too. It’s really a unfortunate that the series ends … I was extremely devastated when I wrote my last message.
    Returning to the subject of the messages, to me was very, very special to see them posted because it is the only contact I have with The Spook off the books. My friends send happy birthday to our heroes, you and Tom and the best wishes. I am very happy to see that at least have means of contacting you from England, since Brazil is so far from everything and few know your books in my peer group, even though I was doing advertising for the series 3 years …
    Thank you with all my heart …
    Again, a big fan,
    Livia Perry

  156. Ryan Connors Says:

    I love your books so much. I am currently reading the last one and am almost done with it. I read about 60 pages a night, but I wish I could only read 20. I can’t only read 20, because i get sucked into the bok and i can’t stop reading it. I wish there was like 2000 more pages left in the book, so i can read as much as i want. You are a very good writer and I hope you make another series after this.


  157. Callen Jeffries Says:

    Hi Mr Delaney i have read all the spooks books so far and im a bit down that its ending. I was wondering if before the series is over that maybe you could come back to australia and come talk at my school about the books and yourself, please cause it would be a honour to meet you and so would my school

    Yours sincerely Callen Jeffries

  158. jurgsos Says:

    i am pretty sure i’m you’re number one fan for this series. its my favorite series ive ever read in my entire life and trust me, i read A LOT. i think its great how you’re keeping the series going, but i gotta say i do miss the whole “county routine” but i really enjoy the suspense and fright that you bring into your newer books. i love reading them over and over again and my one dream for this series is to one day be a part of the movie production if there is one! and as much as i love acting i also want to be an author when i’m older, and intend on following your footsteps as a talented writer! thank you so much for bringing tom ward into my world. hes just as much as my idol as you are!

  159. Liam McKinnon Says:

    once i have read the final book, i may actually have to burst into tears. I live close to where the first 5/6 books so i found that pretty cool =^.^=. I still haven’t read the latest one as i haven’t had the money to buy it (whoever wrote the 8th and 9th comment, thanks for kinda spoiling it for me -.-) i am really looking forward to it. PLEASE MAKE THE LAST TWO QUITE LONG AS I FINISHED THE LAST 3 TOO QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am 16 (almost 17 ^.^ i feel special heehee) and got the first one 4 years ago and still loving the series, please make books for when Tom is a full apprentice and has to work everything out on his own because that would be so, so cool.
    kind regards,
    Liam McKinnon (Kendal, land of the awesome mint cake ^.^)

  160. Absinthe Says:

    Dear Mr. Joseph Delaney

    I like Chronicles very much and I am not happy that they end, but… every good thing ends. My favourite is Alice, I love the way she talks!
    I have been interested in magic and witches, and supernatural things since I was seven. So I am for now. Your books have such a great spirit, reader can feel County’s winds and cold of Anglezarke. I am also impressed that you ain’t care about what happens to the characters… in final they are hurt, sick or… dead (poor Mam). It’s very good, becouse in books such as well-known ‘Eragon’ it is true that the main character and also his servants and friends will live and always win. I like cruelity in books of yours. Dark and impressive, it is.
    I am just sad, that I ain’t have chance of reading all of your books in English. I live in Poland and I must read them Polish, but my friends sometimes go to England and buy your books, and then I read them in English… Polish version is not as good as English.

    Fan of yours,
    Mikołaj Hofman

  161. sophie ianson Says:

    hey,joseph,dont end the seris!!!dont!!and dont kill the spook because tha would be as upseting as toms mam dieing!!!!

  162. Palmer Says:

    all good things have to come to a end, but this is just seris one! Im sure there will be othere serises. (I am currently on book three) I know three is not alot but i read them so fast and just love the books!

  163. Izzeh Says:

    hey everyone, im Izzeh aka Israr

    this series has been cleverly developed and im just a little disturbed that this series is gonna finish. But i cant wait to rad all the remaning books, that will be published in the future.


  164. adam jefferies Says:

    hi Joseph,

    i am really sad that the series is coming to an end at book 10 because i love your books and the characters in it. The Wardstone Chronicles are the best books that i have ever read and it exciting how it is set in Lancashire which is the county where i live. Also you have inspired me to write my own stories which i am currently doing at the moment. I hope to become an amazing author, even better than you are, which will be very hard :). Lastly i do hope you start to write a new series of books that are as good as the spooks series, and if you do i wish you good luck 🙂

    Your inspired fan,


  165. adam jefferies Says:

    Also may i suggest a title idea for book nine. i am aware that it is set in Romania so i was think of something in the line of ‘The Spook’s Redemption’ because Tom somehow redeems himself for all the use of the dark he has used.

    thanks 🙂

  166. spooks is awesome Says:

    i have all your books and im so keen on seeing what your next books about

  167. Joe Burnell Says:

    i am a huge fan of your books.i am just about to read the eighth book and The Spooks Stories:Witchs, but as you say every series has to come to a end.i’m only 13 years of age and have read all your books in a day or two because there so good!
    I’ll be so sad to hear when the last book come out.but i may start ‘The Last Apprentice’
    i do have some questions though?
    Would you ever make the Spooks series in to a film?
    How long do you think the series could go on for?
    How would you think the series ends?
    One of your Greatest fans
    Joe Burnell

  168. Karl Says:

    I’m really sad these books are sick i accidentally started backwards i started with nightmare then apprentice and so on… I’m going to miss it definitely better than harry potter, you should make a film about it. I read destiny in 2 days! and I have read it 4 times now, but I think battle or nightmare are best. cant wait for I am grimalkin.
    Thanks Mr Delaney
    P.S are you making more books?

  169. spooks-books dude Says:

    Perhaps after everything is wrapped up…. You should create a new series where there is a new apprentice and tom ward is NOT his master but lives in this apprentice’s land. So the master dies somehow and this trainee is now frightened, he flees for protection when he remember about his master telling him about the famous tom ward. So the apprentice is running to tom, when he suddenly gets an icy chill down his back. Something has been following him; could it be his master’s slayer. All he knows is that he needs to reach tom in time!

  170. Gaby Says:

    please no! for the past five years i have read the spooks books over and over again i absolutely adore them!

  171. lowriMorgan Says:

    Hi I just wanted to say I have just finished the spooks destiny and LOVED IT!!
    I’m sad that the spooks series are almost over but i have a request which is kind of absurd but i thought i should ask it anyway,Can i be in one of your next books in the chronicles?? My name is lowri Morgan I’m sixteen and i have been a huge fan ever since you started. Even if my name was only mentioned once i wouldn’t mind but it would be a huge honour to appear in your incredible books!

    thanks, mr.joseph delaney

  172. Spooks_Always_Rocks Says:

    I am so glad there is at least ten books before it ends and please do make another series as I am sure they will be as good as this series.

    My whole family are hooked and I would like to know if you could re-release all the books in the old style (collector’s edition in paperback would be great) to mark the ending of the fantastic series and so every avid fan (including me) can complete the whole collection in nice looking collectors editions.

    Thanks, Mr.Joseph Delaney

  173. Josiah Cedo Says:

    Joseph I have to say that I love your books, they are awesome….and they have opened my eyes to see the forces of this world. I am planing a trip to Lancashire to visit Pendle hill, and I would like to be able to meet you some how.

    Thomas J. Ward (my real name is josiah but me and my best friend do a role play were I am Tom and she is Alice)

  174. Joseph Harding Says:

    Im going to be sad to see this series come to an end. Its kept me entertained for a long time, in my opinion the best book ever. It deserves a lot more credit then like Harry potter for example, its just so much better as a series. The charecters are amazing, i do have to say Alice and Grimalkin are my favourite. The only thing im worried about is the movie which is to be release in 2013. I really hope it turns out well because they can’t really make a book like these into a happy jolly movie like the failed Narnia films. It needs to be dark. I really hope it turns out well and I look forward to reading the final few books.

    And thank you Joseph Delaney for writting such amazing books, all have been absolutly fantasic, LOVE THEM!!

  175. Kane Ward Says:

    Yes I am a Ward!. I hope Tom and Alice don’t die but only time will tell I feel positively sure the Spook will die though because he is getting old know and all the dark seem to be saying he will die like Mab said it I think, so did Tibb well that’s my prediction.

    I’ll be sorry to see the series end but nothing lasts forever and I have already started my collectors edition I have to far The Spooks Secret and The Spooks Battle so when they do end ill just start reading them all again and then they will never really end for me ill just re-read them lots and lots.

    Thank You Joseph Delaney

  176. --- Says:

    hi. I love your books. i am reading The Spook’s destiny at the moment.i think Tom and Alice worked pretty hard. could you make a good ending for the books?


  177. Voidbane Says:

    All I have to say is that these books are absolutely great,and if anyone can answer me a question? Does information about the spook’s house guardian (the orange cat) appear in any book? I mean,i know he gets hurt fighting the Bane,but what happens after that? And it would be interesting to know how the spook made him protect his house

  178. Ben Bateson Says:

    Oh No!!!! I want there to be tons more books so I can never stop reading them, but alas, you can’t write books forever can you? I have read every single Spook’s book to date, but the thing is, I honestly thought you would write a new series, where Tom Ward is the actual spook, but obviously not. Have fun writing the final one!
    Ben Bateson.

  179. Rhianna Jarrett Says:

    Dear Mr Joseph Delaney,
    I have loved your books every since I heard about them from my friend! After I read the first book, I was hooked! It is very sad that the series will be ending but the end of a race means the start of a new one! Hopefully when the Spook’s series is finished, a new book or series will begin and I will be one of the first to read!
    Your books are amazing and you are one of the people who have inspired me to write! Thanks for every word you’ve wrote and I hope that you realised how many people you have incouraged!
    From one of the many fans in England!
    Rhianna Jarrett x 😀

  180. Lorin Says:

    Hi! I just have a question-hope someone can help me answer it. Is I am Grimalkin which will be released in England,October 2011 the same as the one entitled Grimalkin the Witch Assassin to be released in the USA,April 2012? Thanks for any help!

  181. Catherine Horner Says:

    I hope Joseph Delaney will read this comment I have put because I cannot send him a letter because I do not know his email address. Joseph, when you said that there will be a tenth book you said, ‘I don’t know who will die and who will live.’ So because I have read every single book of the wardstone chronicles at least a 100 times I have a pretty good point. Alice and Tom should definitely NOT die. But maybe the spook and grimalkin should because the Spooks time is coming to an end and Grimalkin doesn’t really have such a big role in the book.
    Also about the Ninth and Tenth book, I think you should do them before ‘I am Grimalkin’ and ‘I am Alice’ because The spook lovers like me CANNOT wait 2 YEARS. I have actually CRIED when i found out that the Tenth book is coming out in 2013! And I am twelve years old.
    I hope you read this comment and do the tenth and ninth book in 2012 maybe, and ‘I am Grimalkin’ and ‘I am alice’ Book in 2013 maybe.

    Please, please, please think about my opinions and I hope you do, do the things I have suggested.

    Yours Sincerely and from your BIGGEST fan- no joke,


  182. tavy Says:

    man…i love your books..and the end is very san.I am romanian man..and i also want to play in the spook’s moovie..i love..i have all books.My dream is to play in the moovie.I also want to play the character Tom.
    SORRY if i do grammar mistakes but i have just 13 years…please tell me if you read this message.
    Your big fan,

  183. Aidan Says:

    Wow…The Wardstone chronicles coming to an end,I don’t believe it.
    Its kind of sad really.
    I am the BIGGEST fan of your books and have read all of them so far.
    I would love to meet you.
    Joseph Delaney,you are my HERO!!!!!!!

    Your biggest fan

  184. Nick Collins Says:

    I have read your books very fast because as soon as I start i get hooked into them and can’t stop. This has to be my most favourite book series ever and when I was in school today I went onto your website and saw The Spooks Destiny and I was so happy. I can’t wait to read this book and then the two after this. I hope it all ends well, but of course some of the characters have to die.
    Keep up the good work and use your imagination to end the series well. Also if they are making movie on The Spooks I hope it is just like the book because all of it is great.

    Keep up the good work and I wish you luck with the rest of the series.

  185. Luke Meeajaun Says:

    Wow, I am a major fan of the wardstone books, once I pick up a book I read for hours at a time! But I must say that I’m very upset that there are only four books left to come!
    But I do have a couple of questions to ask:
    Firstly, I was just wandering, where the Spook’s books are set?
    And Secondly, are all the books after the Spook’s Destiny going to be bigger ( By this, I mean bigger sized books )?

    Oh, and since everybody’s giving suggestions for a name for one of the new books, so will I: The Spook’s Wish

    Your major fan from England
    Luke Meeajaun

    P.S If you do decide to do write another series of books, can you set it in the same sort of time with witches and spooks and you know, anything else like that.
    Oh and,

  186. Luke Meeajaun Says:

    I mean one more spooks book after The Spook’s 10

  187. Luke Meeajaun Says:

    I never want the Spook’s series to end 🙁

  188. Michael Edwards Says:

    Hi,i have been reading your books since they first arrived on the shelves. i thought as i got older i would grow out of the series but i was wrong entirely. I’m nearly 15 years old but still find your books gripping and insanely addictive! I thank you Mr Delaney for creating this series of books as they have also inspired me to write one of my own. 🙂

  189. Michael Edwards Says:

    Hi it’s me Michael again, i forgot to say in my last comment that in my opinion, dramatic and sad endings really do it for me and i know many people who say the same. It’s no coincidence that all of my favourite films/books end with the main character dying.

  190. Emily Says:

    Hi, I’m Emily as it says above ^^^

    I understand that all books have to end but this is one series I wish never did. I love how the Wardstone team travel to Ireland and nearly jumped out of my seat when I read that (: Unfortunately I have been unable to track down the next books and so far only have the first 6 ): The series is sooooo amazing and I love how Tom blackmailed the Spook with Meg and convinced him to let Alice stay above ground and even though he sent her away in later books I loved how Alice came back!!! I seriously hope Alice or the Spook doesn’t die but I have a feeling that is the way it could turn out. I have a feeling Tom won’t die because even when we think he will he always finds a way to come back (: Sorry for rambling on here nd I know you have better things to do than read this but again I’m a big fan and will continue to support your books until the very end (:
    Your admiring fan,
    Emily (:

  191. Tom Harrington Says:

    i am also a huge fan of your books, they are truely captavating. i just cant put them down when i start reading them. As for who dies, dont kill the spook! i dont think i could cope with his death! It was bad enough in ‘The spooks nightmare’ when his house got burnt down. So im really sad to hear they are coming to an end, but all good things have to, in the end. i would just like to thank you for the brilliant work you have done and no doubt you will do in the future.


  192. Matthew Green Says:

    dear Joseph,
    I love your books and have never read anything quite like it. I love the fact that witches arent green and on broomsticks. you have recreated them in my mind. I have read evrybook from book1 except destiney im half way through. i am really sad to hear that it is coming to an end but it was brilliant, better than harry potter. i just wish it had gotten more publicity.
    yours sincerely, your no.1 fan Matthew Green

  193. Aaron Says:

    I am a BIG fan i remember when i was in year 5 of primary school and i borrowed ‘The Spooks Apprentice’ from my friend with high expectations which were very well met, i haven’t stopped reading the books since!
    I was overjoyed when yesterday i was coming back from my weeks holiday in ireland that in the book shop in the airport at dublin there was ‘The Spooks’s Destiny’ i picked it up and bribed my mum to buy it for me telling her i’d give her £10.00 when we got back.
    I read the first 60 pages on the plane and continued reading it walking through the airport transfixed on each word.
    I just finnished it and look forward to the next books you so generously write for us.
    All the best Aaron.

  194. james knight Says:

    i’m so sorry your books will be ending, i love them.
    ps:can’t wait for the movie

  195. Chloe Says:

    I have read every Spooks book and am in love with the series. I cannot believe that they will end soon. I eagerly await every new installment and will be devastated when I have no more to wait for. I hope you write more books as you are a great author with lots of imagination; the characters literally jump off the page for me. I get really engrossed in each book and can’t bear to put them down. The Spooks series is a series I will remember and treasure forever.

  196. Cody Says:

    One thing I don’t understand I just realised. You said there will be 10 books but the spooks destiny is book 8 so them you say I am grimalkin is book 9 but then you say I’m deciding title for book 9 which would be book 10 then you say i am Alice will follow which would be book 11 then you say finally book 10 will be finished Whenever it says but that would be book 12

  197. sharang Says:

    i like ur books a lot..but the later additions to the series seem a little monotonous to me..some one summoning up some old god and there of…

  198. Idgit1 Says:

    Dear Joseph Delaney,
    I am in love with your series, they’re just of full of suspense, excitement, and twists that they’re almost unpredictable. Alice is probably my favorite character, I just can’t believe how she made it through all of the stuff she’s gone through. I’ve heard a lot of rumors around that she may be a fallen character in the end. Please don’t make her die (for good) in any of the books, it would just be a huge dissapointment for a lot of people I’m sure. . .
    However, you’re the author and I’m just your average person, so I’m sure you know what’s best for the series

    P.S. Can’t wait for “I am Alice” or whatever it’s gonna be called in America
    P.S.S. Why are the names of books changed from country to country? They did it with “Harry Potter” and for all of “The Last Apprentice” (or so it’s titled here). Why can’t they just keep one name for the series despite the country, so long as they speak the same language? Can anybody please clear this up for me, ’cause I just don’t get it.

  199. Ilovespooks Says:

    Im on the spooks nightmaire and i have ordered the spooks destany and the spook, I am grimalkin! alice is my favorite character so i am soooo excited for it to come out! I am Adicted! I really hope alice dosnt die…

  200. Ellie (Last name: Not saying) Says:

    Im reading the spooks books at the moment, and i just finished Battle. Im getting obsessed! Tibb said that a girl will love him ,then he will betray her, then she will finally die for him. I reckon thats Alice. So maybe she dies? I might be wrong, but im looking forward to seeing!
    (Plus i met you, Mr Delaney, You came to our school, and signed my book)

    I finish of a spooks book at the end of every 2 or so days. Im constantly reading, So thank you, for helping me find a hobby. 🙂

    Ellie Ma***s.

  201. Ewan Turnbull Says:

    Dear Joseph,
    I am really, really, really, really happy that the Spooks series is not yet going to end. Me and my cousin have followed you through all the books and I think they are the best series I have read.
    I think you are a great author.
    from Ewan Turnbull

  202. Alison Findlay Says:

    Please can you tell me the name of your literary agent, to contact re. possible reading / interview in Lancaster, Joseph?
    Thank you

  203. Callen Jeffries Says:

    Hi Mr Delaney,

    im a huge fan of yours im a bit down that youve decided to end it but im really looking forward to the i am grimalkin book looks fantastic, and the end of the series will have an awesome ending i bet. Anyway i was wondering would it be ok if you could visit my school while your doing your next tour because id really like to meet you and so would my school we would be honoured to have you

    Yours sincerely: Callen Jeffries

  204. Keziah Austin Says:

    Darn it. Yeah, it really is sad that all series’s must end

  205. Skylar Says:

    Hi, I am a huge fan. I have read all the books out so far. They were great and was sad when I saw that he will end it at 10. The series was the best I had read, and agree that all good things may come to a end. I became so obsessed that I dropped everything I had to do and read. I think every 4 nights, I was on the next … But they were that good! Wish he would go on though …

  206. Neville Rodrigues Says:


    Needless to say i love the wardstone chronicles.. i would love to see a pivotal role played by Tom’s Aunts – the flying Lamias in the upcoming books.. i think that would be kick-ass 🙂


  207. Patrícia Noel [Brazil] Says:


    I can’t belive it ! For cause this book that I’m learning English. I’m reading now the “spook’s Mistake” And I love them! But, finishing in ten? Oh! I stay very sad =/ Btw, nothing stay to always. So, i just have congratz you for create the books, I never read books the most perfects in thriller and horror!

    i should to say to don’t stop, but i cannot =/

    these books will be remembered. Congratulations

  208. Nathan Nesling Says:

    i’ve got the i am grimalkin book and I am hoping to get book 10 when it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. igor Says:

    shouldnt there be a sooks 13, because its an unlucky number?

  210. Theo Ellis Says:

    the only books of your series i don’t have are i am grimalkin and the bestiary and i sought after them but my local bookshop never has them in stock… we met once and i got all of my classic cover books signed by you a long with witches and sacrifice which i bout whilst i was there…

    Ill be sad to see the legacy end…
    Cant wait to see what your new series will be about.

  211. yeseen Says:

    it would be really sad if the Spook or Alice die in the last one

  212. Dan Says:

    when I first discovered your books I was 12 and I bought the first 5 books and after each wait of months I was treated with a fantastic read. I am now 15 but I still love your books and after this series if you ever release another book about the world you have created or a different genre of book completely I will be sure to buy it.

    Thanks Dan from St Helens near Liverpool

  213. Eric Says:


    I’am a huge fantasy reader and I’d have to say that the Wardstone Chronicles definetely ranks up in my top 5 favourite books. It would be sad to see it end and I enjoyed it so much. I hope that there would be more new books based on the Wardstone chronicles. So maybe like 5 years after the last book? I really enjoyed the Wardstone chronicles and I will definetely be on the lookout for more books by Joseph Delaney =).


  214. Jordan Higgins Says:

    Emmm…..I don’t like the fact that its about to end but could u write like a book about tom’s apprentice or the next one or somthing like that and i like the fact they come to ireland 2 my class loves the books but could u do something like when tom is the county spook as a different chronicle (make sure to include alice if u do) and when u where in ireland u signed my books i love um they the best books i read hate them to end but ah well………p.s. i’m from ireland!
    Jordan Higgins 😉

  215. Jayne Says:

    omg, i am one of the biggest fans for these books i am sad there are only going to be a couple more books, but i am also excited to find out how they will end and who will actually survive 🙂 i can’t wait to read the next ones because i know they will be just as great as the previous ones. 🙂

  216. Conor Says:

    I’ve read all your books so far. I can’t put them down. There brilliant! 😀

  217. kacper korol Says:

    Joseph will you ever visit tralee in county kerry ireland???If you will will you tell me,kacper

  218. Tom Says:

    One thing that has always made me think about your series is the extract about the wardstone at the start of each book.. Do we ever find out what it truly means? I do not believe all your loose ends will be tied with an explanation. But thank you for such interesting reads!

  219. blaaaah Says:

    ermm. i got i am grimalkin already cos my whsmith brought it out already and if anyone lese has it, have you noticed the second to last sentance? it says: “four of us: THEMAS ward, john gregory, alice and i are bound together in this enterprise. seriously themas? it actualy says that, typo

  220. Wajahat Ahmed Says:

    i love your books i started reading the first one and read all the way up to destiny in a week. meaning reading 1 book a day and 1 day reading 2. I feel really sad as there is only 2/4 books to go. maybe in the last book make tom a spook as five year apprentice ship will be over and John Gregory will die of old age or something.

    Joseph Delaney sir, will you make more books like the spooks series as your books are so good whenever someone asks me why do you like the spooks series so much I have so much to say I end up saying nothing but jibbarish

  221. Marcus Says:

    I love these books and am so sad that they are going to end but I just know that this series will go out with a good ending. I really hope that you do another series exactly like this except you could make like another few years in the future so that you can see the future of spooks? Or you could do a series based before John Gregory and his master or on Tom as a spook? I know that all of this is really cheesey but I’m really enthusiastic about these books. I also just finished reading i am grimalkin and it was epic!!(spoiler alert!) It really made me feel horrified when the knight that battled with the kretch. Just the thought of metal being pushed into your brain and then it can’t be removed or you ‘ll die made me shiver with horror and that’s the first time a book has ever made me do that. I know that your a really busy guy but do you think that you could come up to Nairn academy in Scotland to do a book signing talk thing about the books? I know that would never happen but if you don’t ask you dont get unless your lucky. I hope that you do write another series about the spooks as it would make my world because it is hard to find books that make you feel like this. This has been a very cheesey comment and i’m going in saying that as always I have wrote down as much as I can remember in hope that one day it will be of use to someone else.

    Marcus Douglas

  222. Phillip Says:

    I think the books are probably going to end on a somewhat good or bad note. the good note I think alice and tom will be together.Now the bad note I think john Gregory will die at the end of the series but I personally think it’s going to happan all it’s going to take is time. After tom completes his apprenticeship with the spook. The Fiend will be defeated by Tom and is going to be defeated or bound.but it’s going to take time. one hope I pray for it is Alice to be cured of the dark. but hopefully in the end tom and alice will be together I a deep believer of tom’s mam’s prediction that Tom and Alice will be the future of the county and how jonh gregory’s star is fading which means that the spook will die when Tom and Alice is dealing with the Fiend.

  223. danny g Says:

    aahhhh dude you cant stop the spooks series… its sucks that it will be cumin to an end i red the spooks destiny in the day i bought it! will you be starting a new series after the spooks have ended :'(

  224. Marjorie Chmielowiec Says:

    It is the best time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you few interesting things or advice. Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article. I desire to read more things about it! a href=””>gold farming wow

  225. Yasmeen Says:

    once i saw the first of this series on a shelf while book shopping,and it called for me,and am glad that i obeyed the call :))
    since then i became a big fan of the series,
    cant wait for June 2012 to read the next book 🙂
    Love from Egypt

  226. putte Says:

    did toms mom survive and does she goes back to her family?

  227. Lorna Lines Says:

    Dear Mr Delaney,

    Being from Boggart country myself and working in Bolton, I can see Winter Hill and have driven home past Angelzarke Moor many times. I fell into reading these books at my local library in Haslingden and have since been on a crusade to get everyone at school (pupils and teachers) to read these fantastic books.

    I remember having to put the ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ down when I was reading it at night, as it became too spine tingling to read in the dark! I was somewhat ashamed of myself as a 35 year old, but relished the fact that a book could create such an atmosphere.

    Apologies for the length of the post, but I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your books-I’ve just ordered ‘I am Grimalkin’ and you have spurred me on to start writing my own children’s book, which I’ve put off for a while.

    Thank you for many hours of reading bliss!


  228. kieran Says:

    just got i am grimalkin so far awsome book andits sd to see the series come to a end but atleast we’ll knows what happens in the end 🙂

  229. Ben Says:

    Hi im Ben,

    What I really whant to say is ‘NOOO’ You cant end the series! 🙁 I’ve enjoyed it so far and when this series end Ill be looking for more of your books.

  230. katherine Says:

    complete sad faces from me and my friend who i got to read the series i have grown up wit these books and now that will i do ?????????????????

  231. Laura Garett Says:

    i don’t get in is the i am Grimalkin book included in the ten??? because you said they would be but you also said there would be a different books nine.

  232. jorge Says:

    i have read heaps of books and i think these are by far the best started reading them around a month ago and i am sad to know that the ending is coming
    my brother really hates reading any big books(100 pages or more) but he loves the serie i think he might start reading and loving books as much as i do thanks to you=)
    keep up the good work joseph

  233. Phillip Plain Says:

    That is A exceptional Idea. Why don’t you have somebody find Tom Ward’s jounals that gives the story a sort of realism. And make the story more interesting. You can do the samething with the Alice deane dieries.

  234. Zainab Hasan Says:

    I am from America and the books here are called the last apprentice
    I love your books I even keep a journal when i read so that i can write down any important information sit by myself at lunch and read them every day at school but I’m exited that the new movie that is said to be coming out in 2013 is based on one of my favorite series (i usually don’t like to watch movies that where based on books but i am exited about this one)

  235. Robert Harris Says:

    I have all of your books 🙂 i can’t believe that there will only be a few more books untill the end 🙁 will i am grimalkin and i am alice be released in the collectors edition also? i have all the collectors edition books EXCEPT spooks sacrifice 🙁 im looking for it everywhere, hope to see a new series from you once spooks is finished 🙂

  236. Conor Says:

    The spooks books are awesome I’m waitin for destiny to comeout in hardback. Did you come to Ireland for a signing?

  237. ciara moloney Says:

    I don’t want this to end. I love these books to much! But I am eager to see how it ends. I haven’t read ‘Spooks Destiny’ yet and can’t wait to read it! And I hope the movie turn out as great as the books!

  238. Maya Says:

    I love the books and i would like to be a writer when i grow up so you are my insperetion.Altouh i dont want the story to end i am realy looking fordward to the new books.

  239. Heather 11 Says:

    Dear Joseph,
    I love love love your books, a few weeks ago I finished Destiny. I am getting Grimalkin. It came out in Ireland two weeks ago. Oh by the I’m from Ireland. My friend interduced me to the books her first book is ruined because she marked the best chapter (mother malkin) and it halfed her book. Are you coming to Cork anytime? Iknow the books say not to read after the dark but I can’t leave them down!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wish you the best in books to come,
    From Heather.
    p.s. Can’t wait to read more

  240. Paige Says:

    Hey Joseph.
    I have been to the top of Pendle Hill, at the top it has a big stone and on it ‘The Wardstone’ I know very well who will live and who will die.

    The highest point in the County
    Is marked by mystery.
    It is said that a man died there in a
    Great storm,while binding an evil that threatened the whole world.
    Then the ice came again, and when it retreated, even the shapes of the hills and the names of the towns were changed. Now, at that highest point on the fells, no trace remains of what was done so long ago, but its name has endured. They call it – The Wardstone.

    Think I cracked you code;) Which is sad really because I love Tom and I really don’t want him to die. But thats how the story goes right?

    Your greatest fan, Paige.

  241. Michael M Says:

    You just can’t end the series I love them so much please just keep writing them i think 20 books should be published. Also please move up the release date for the next book.

  242. Jon Cull Says:

    I know everything good must come to an end. But i want you to make more books!!! I loved these series and this is what has kept me going..literally! So please make similar book. I’ll read whatever you write it’s brilliant!!!!

  243. Lily Says:

    I think you should consider writing about Tom and Alice and The Spook moving further south, near Norwich perhaps, there’s plenty of ghosts down here 🙂

  244. Ronan Says:

    I cant believe you are ending the spooks but will we be hearing the last of tom ward?
    Also are u doing book signings in Ireland Quin Co.Clare?
    I told 19 of my friends about ur series of books………………..
    BRAINWAVE New idea for the last book ok everybody listening how abouy u send someone from the future who found Toms Diary Or was it u Joesph Delany……..

  245. Luke Gabriel Patindol Says:

    I love all your books. Just finished reading
    I am Grimalkin. I will keep all your books and
    save them all for the future. Thank you Joseph Delaney!!!

  246. Matt Says:

    Nooooooooo. Oh well it had to happen. So sad that it ce so soon though

  247. Ben Haelman Says:

    I am a big fan of all your books.
    I realy would like to know when the film is comming out.
    Greatings Ben.
    (ps:please say tom does not die!!!)

  248. harley Says:

    i think your books are really great
    i am only on spooks mistake but i love your books are a load of my mates do to
    i heard somewere that the ninth book is called spooks blood
    is that true
    could you also come to my school in coventry to do a book signing
    its foxford school


  249. kacper korol Says:

    Josheph will you ever visit Tralee Co.Kerry in Ireland please let me know if you will

  250. James Says:

    hi i love your books they are one of the best books i have ever read. Best of luck in writing your stories!

  251. Joseph Fuller Says:

    I have just started reading the spooks books so far I love them.
    How can you end them with so many readers?
    Please can you write some more because I only find a book or series of books that I like once every CENTURY and yours is the best I have ever read.
    Also in your books there are some place names that I recognise, I live in east Lancs near the River Ribble.
    Do you base the place names on real life?
    Also I wish to know if you are coming to Lancashire any time soon because I would be EXTREMELY HAPPY 🙂 if you were to sign my books.
    Please contact me via e-mail to answer my questions.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours Faithfully, Joseph Fuller,12

  252. Alice Forgues Says:

    To my dear favourite author,
    I love the Wardstone chronicles! I remember the first time i read the book one and was immediately hooked by it….at that time there were only 3 books from the serie and somehow i managed to read them all in one day and in the end i regretted reading them so fast! (laugh)
    So far my favourite character is Alice (probably because we share the same name) and i love the way she deals with everything for Tom’s sake. In the Spook’s destiny, i nearly cried when Alice was caught by the Fiend and tortured in the dark (that’s how much i love her…) and i’m kinda anxious about what will happen to her in the last books: i don’t want her to die…. But if she has to then please let it be a honest death…
    It would be sad if Tom or the Spook died as well (cry)
    Sometimes i wish for a happy ending for everyone, even for Tom’s mam but it’s better to face the fact that she’s gone…

    I’m looking forward to the continuation of the chronicle,

    Alice, France

  253. Gunnar Says:

    Plz don’t end the series i love your books!! They are the best! I can sit like 14 hours just reading them! PLZ DON’T END IT!!!!!!!

  254. Gunnar Says:

    I will cry when i don’t have anything to read anymore ive read so mutch and wanna tell you your the best book writer i ever seen! your book’s are so awsome and while waiting for new books i read the other over and over again just to have the story in my head so plz don’t stop making books! I promise your so smart and good at writing books that you can write 100 and they will still be as good and i don’t think any of your readers whould stop reading they so for all your readers don’t stop

  255. liam1511 Says:

    i have read theese books since first published and really grown up with tom from me being ten i can only read spooks i want too know the loose ends but it can’t. i am also anoyed that in the film tom is due too be played by a 30 year old man and i won’t connect the same i hope you will consider some extra spin offs and joseph as i will be 19 when it ends i am truly grateful for how the books and your influences have played a part in my life thank you i’m extremely happy too have read them from the begining and hope maybe you could do something with the spooks younger days or bill arkwright or even both thanks liam :'(

  256. Katie O'Reilly-Ireland Says:

    Hello Joeseph i absolutly adore ur books. I was just wondering will u please come to Cork in Munster in Ireland[im from Ireland] because i have a book singed by u but i didnt actually c u it came signed wen i bought it . will Tom and Alice become a couple i hope so oh and im the friend Heather 11 was talking about. will u post on the website wen the movie will come out and maybe u cud put up a few pics of whos playing who . i will propably start crying wen there over because i love so so so so much.maybe u cud include Cork if they go bac that wud be cool a lot of people lik them even my 5th class teacher read them . Thanx for all those great memories Katie

  257. amy123 Says:

    i love your books i have all of them and im just started reading i am grimalkin she is my favorite witch. i will cry when the series end i will have nothing to read anymore.

  258. shannon Says:

    i collect spooks books and i am on the spooks sacrfice and loving the seires so far i like the way you write it really paints the picture in my head.suggestion for a book the spooks end and an terrible evil could die like the god of distroction. keep writing.

  259. Billy Says:

    Hi joseph i love your books. theyre by far the best ive ever read and cant wait until the library gets the ninth book. a lot of people in my school are reading them. im gonna cry when the series is over, but then im just gonna read them over and over 🙂 cant have too much last apprentice. By the way my real name isnt billy 🙂

  260. Zain Says:

    I love your books, best series ever! i will be really sad when the series finishes. However can you end the spooks books with a happy ending, Alice becomes a benign witch and lives with Tom please do something like this. And don’t make it a sad ending it will kind of ruin the series that i love so much. Thank you.

  261. Kaitlyn Says:

    I absolutly love your books,I’m on the seventh book. Your writing is amazing!I also love how you explain each charecter, my mom says that I read the last apprentice books (as known in the US) so much,that all i ever talk about, write about ect… is witches,spooks, tom, alice ect.
    Your my favorite author Joseph Delaney and I cant wait for your film.
    P.S I only started a month ago, and Im on the 7th book, I won’t have anything else to read when the series ends cuz nothing interests me like your books

  262. Cindy Says:

    I love my collector’s edition Spooks books. Are I Am Grimalkin and I Am Alice to be released with the collector’s edition covers as well?

  263. susie Says:

    i started your amonth a go and i’m on the 7th and i’m only 10 my famly loves your book but my mam said ‘you read too much’ i love your books!

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    This is the best series i have ever read, its a shame its nearly over

  266. Kieran Says:

    I have just started reading your second the spooks curse so I am a mew fan but a big one at that.
    I thougt you could call your new book ‘The Spooks Fate’ because it will discide the fate of Tom, Alice and The Spook.

    P.S. do you think you are going to contiue writing other books like this.

  267. Kieran Says:

    sorry i ment to say ‘new’ not ‘mew’
    pushed the wrong key

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    i love ur books ive read book one all the way up to the sacrafice which i just finished nd im moving on to nightmare ive also read witches nd i am grimalkin nd the bestiary i cnt believe so many main characters die like mam,dad,wyhnde,bill arkwright,agnes sowerbutts,nd others because i got so attached to them i jus finished i am grimalkin nd i couldnt believe thorne die’s i thought she would take over for grimalkin as the malikn assasin but through all i have read alot of collections of books nd by a land slide ur books are the best books ive ever read thank u so much for making them i loved every one.

    p.s.on the very last page of i am grimalkin when she names the people shes allied with shes spells thomas wrong she spells it themas.

    p.s.s when is i am alice coming ou because i dnt think the dates up there

    thank you joesph delaney
    your books are amzing 😀 😀 😀

  269. Thomas ward Says:

    Mr.delaney i am you’r biggest fan i am almost done nightmare but what i really wanted to say is that u are an inspiration to me i love it when in a book u can really describe a character like for example grimalkin fearless,strong and she wont back down from a fight like in i am grimalkin shes shouts out what she say’s to show she’s fearless and to show she’s a woman not to be trifled with when i grow up i want to write sciensce fiction books like u thanks for the amazing stories names not really thomas ward 😉

  270. paige Says:

    Hello, me and my dad have just started reading your books;they are amazing. Sad to
    Hear your eventually going to stop writing the spooks books.. I am wondering if you are going to write other storeys… If so I’m excited to see what you have in store 😀 !

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    ur books are amzing and i was thinking for ur las books a few sugestions the spooks fate or forever or final fronteir or final or infinity but long story short ur books are brilliant i just finished destiny so i hav read all the books exceot nine ten and i am alice cause they have not cum ou yet wen is i am alice cumin ou anyway i have read all the others ones to bestiary grimalkin witches the hole shibang jus waitin for last three but im sad its almost over plzz bring ou a new collection

  272. Matt Says:

    Hey i am a massive fan i have evrey book and have them all more than once. How many more books come after i am grimalkin (sorry if my spelling is bad)?
    And wat will your new books b like?

    Thank you😄

  273. Eoin Says:

    i just read the page on facebook and the new book spooks blood looks amazing but who is the girl holiding the box

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  284. Rhiannon Says:

    im so sad its over but it has to end sometime will you start another seires

  285. M.Cartwright Says:

    Thank you so much for signing my copy of the Spooks bestiary i will treasure it forever !!! 🙁

  286. Reuben Says:

    So spooks blood will only come out in 2013 or 2012 and i am alice will come out in 2012 right? Can you correct me if i am wrong. Thank you your greatest fan ever thank you 🙂

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  288. ibraheem Says:

    wait i am totally confused isnt the spooks blood book ten

  289. Paul Levy Says:

    Sadly it is inevitable that at least one of the loved characters will be killed off by the author. It’s become a cliche across all children’s fiction to do it.

    It would take far more courage for you to offer the children today a truly hopefully and life enhancing ending in a world so full of cynicism dressed up as realism.

    You’ll kill one of them off at least.

    You won’t be able to help yourself.

    Yet what might it give to us all if you gave them all the gift of life,

    Now that might just be original…

  290. Douglas King Says:

    i literally beg you to write about tom and alice declaring there love for each other(its very unlike me to enjoy a romantic side to a story)but…. every time i read the book series it pains me to think that in my imagination there not together and sharing the love which they obviously would and do feel, i really love the books and im sad there coming to an end, but please don’t let it end without there love being told between each other. douglas

  291. Terra Says:

    Don’t let it end yet i just start reading it last April,I Loved it soooooo much it makes me wanna cry just thinking the end of it.I only got sixth of ur books still looking 4 the seventh(Nightmare) though btw will u come 2 Malaysia…plssss?????

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    Please even though i have not read all of your books i never want them to end their the best books i have ever come to read and i want them to never stop pleeeeeeeaaaaaase dont stop your work as a writer and your books are amazingly brilliant and for one last time i ask pleeeeaaase do not stop writing your brilliantly awesome books

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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    ummm correct me if i am wrong but the series has passed the tenth book wiith the spooks blood with another two to go referring to Iam alice and slither(or something close to this) so im confused will the series now end with the twelfth book??

  294. andrew Says:

    i am confused about the order of books also i know it goes from apprentice to destiny but wats the order of i am grimalkin, i am alice, spooks blood and slithers tale ?????

  295. James brown Says:

    My name is james and i live in IRELAND ive read most of the spooks books and love them to bits . Every time i tead these books i want alice and tom to declare their love. I cant wait to keep on reading i am currently on i am grimalkin . And nrver want them to end hope you can reply to me ur biggest fan james p.s dont kill of alice or tom im begging you. 🙂

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    hey, i love the last apprentice serise they are the best books ever, cant wait to see how every thing turns out. my faveorate one was the curse of the bain, it was awesome how tom shielded his mind so the bane could not get inside, and then defeted him. i also liked the one where tom finally praticly masterd his power of freezing time, so the fend could get his head cut off, that was an amazing twist. your books inspired me to wright, i am not nearly as good as you yet, but some day i might be, right now i am just righting children books, but am working my way up. so like i sed i cant wait for the last books to come out, and nop they will be good cant wait, and thank you for them all before this series i did not realy read allot, but after the first book i could not stop reading, now i read all the time, so thanx again.

  297. George Says:

    The spook books are my absolute fav books and my favourite character/s are grimalkin,Tom,slither and Alice:) I’m sad that the books are coming to an end:(((((((((( why Joseph! Whyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(((((

  298. George Says:

    Andrew, the order of the books u want to know are: grimalkin,spooks blood,slithers tale then I am Alice.

  299. Ej Says:

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  300. Ej Says:

    dude dont plz i mean plz stop writing the series

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  302. Ajwa Says:

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    But don’t kill Alice or Tom 😀 ^^ The spook it’s an old guy , am I right? So he will need to day in the future , let Alice and Tom to live together ^^.
    Sorry for bad english.

  304. Cezar Says:

    I want to ask u something Mr. Joseph : Will u come in Romania :D?

  305. Cait Says:

    Hello Mr Delaney,
    Just wondering, Alice goes into dark, so is I Am Alice book about what happens there…
    Cait ;D

  306. Cait Says:

    PS, I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  307. Andreas Hansen Says:

    Omg!Can’t wait for The Spook’s Alice comes!! You do a great job, Joseph Delaney!

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    The books are great I’ve bean reading them since I was 9 years old and I hated reading and your brilliant books changed that I’m currently on the spooks slithers tale I bought it today and think it’s brilliant I hope there will be another book written by Tom ward and I was wondering if there is another book after the spooks I am Alice? I also have two signed books of yours that I bought from waterstones a d I would love to meet you hopefully one day you will come to Macclesfield town water stones and sign some books your the best writer ever and the books are better than the Harry potter ones 🙂 Elliot judges

  309. Eliot Says:

    Hi my names Elliot and I’ve been reading the wardstone chronicals since I was 9 years old, I hated reading but your books changed that so I thank. You for changing my philosophy on reading. I have two signed books but I have never met you. Hopefully one day you will come to waterstones Macclesfield. It would be great if you did because you have a lot of fans over here. I think there the best books to ever be written even better than the Harry potter books. I REALLy HOPE YOu COME TO MACCLESFIELD IT WOULD BE THRILLING TO MEET YOU!!!!

  310. Maya Says:

    Dear Mr. Delaney

    I’m (without a doubt) The worlds biggest fan of your series!
    I’m an 11 year old girl who just discovered your series in the beginning of my school year.
    I had accidentally thought Curse of the Bane was book one 🙂 But it didn’t matter because I was blown away! I cannot emphasize enough that you shouldn’t end the last Apprentice series (I know it’s originally the wardstone chronicles but I’m from the USA) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not end the series yet! I know this is quite an old post and I know I am Alice is in the works but I would absolutely love if you surprised your fans and put out some new books ( like in your books, it’s the element of surprise we all like 🙂 ) I really hope that you get this comment and that you can reply and send me an email. That would make my day, or year, or possibly LIFE!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Please make more Last apprentice books. they are amazing!!!! I cried when I saw that the books were coming to an end! 🙁 please send me an email I’ll be so happy to hear from you!
    I would love to hear about what you think of my comment!
    PLEASE reply!!!! 🙂 (I apologize for getting so jumpy towards the end.I just so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 )

  311. jack Says:

    you know you said the book will end what will happen to the county?

  312. Jamie Paltridge Says:

    it can’t end i’m his biggest ever fan! it just can’t end! they’re really really good books! please don’t stop making boos 🙁

  313. Ed Chicago Says:

    so sad series coming to an end hope grimalkin or tom don’t die thanks for this wonderful series

  314. Tommy Gibson Says:





    Something adventurious and futuristic.


  315. Edward Says:

    Hello Joseph

    You are my idle and I LOVE your books they keep me busy and most of all happy I have read all your books twice waiting for your final book which will come out early next month.

    That is why I am really wanting you to carry on with this series or even start another one about the pendle witches, Old Gregory’s early life as a spook and his apprenticeship.

    Please I love your books and can’t wait for the next book but I don’t want it to finish…..


    From Edward

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