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May 28, 2010
Q&A event with Jonathan Eaves
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After two hectic days out selling books with dynamic Tony from Pritchards, Formby, today was very peaceful. I just had one event at the Blackpool Collegiate High School.

This proved to be very interesting because I shared the platform with another author, Jonathan Eaves, whose first book, ‘Rude Awakenings: A Tale of Terra Infirma’, was published this year. We were both returning to our old school. Joanathan attended as a pupil and I actually taught there. Not only that, I taught Jonathan for six whole weeks back in the 1980s!

After answering questions in the library’s ‘Starbooks Cafe’ we both gave a short talk to a mixture of pupils from different schools and some older students from ‘The Blackpool Sixth Form College’ where I also once taught. We tried to vary the usual Q and A session and started by asking each other questions (which had been devised by Jonathan).

Example Question: ‘If you were a politician, what cabinet position would you like and what single piece of legislation would you introduce?’

I replied that I would like to be the Minister responsible for overseeing the torture of witches. As for legislation I would stop swimming witches because it’s very unreliable (most sink and are believed innocent). I would make it compulsory to use the method of jabbing them with a bodkin to find the Fiend’s mark. But I would make sure that Quisitors were properly trained and they would be subject to regular appraisals and have their salaries linked to performance.

To that same question, Jonathan considered how hotel receptionists might be similarly regulated. It was funny and that is his strength. Whereas my books are dark and serious Jonathan’s are full of humour. If you Like Terry Pratchett you will like ‘Rude Awakenings’.

Best wishes,

Joseph Delaney.

One Response to “Q&A event with Jonathan Eaves”
  1. Paula Says:

    HAHA! I think that is a very good legislation. Quisitors’ salaries should most definitely be linked to performance. I will have to find a copy of Jonathan’s book somewhere. And yes, I do like Terry Pratchett.

    And who says your books are all dark and serious? Well, the majority is, but some parts deserve at least a smile. Didn’t anyone find the humor in Grimalkin’s “cheerful statement” in book six?

    Grimalkin: If flesh clothes its bones, I will cut it. If it breathes, I will stop its breath. Otherwise *shrug* we will all die.

    Call me twisted, but I couldn’t help but chuckle and think “Way to lighten the mood, dear.” Still don’t think it’s funny? Then you should have been in the backseat with me and my brother on the family’s cross-USA road trip last summer. Reading the books, followed by commentary, and lots of laughs. XD

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