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October 31, 2012
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I have just reached the end of the ‘Slither Tour’. We started in Carlisle then moved through Kendal, Lancaster, (Witch Territory!), Brighouse, York, Scarborough and Whitby (Dracula Territory!).

I visited bookshops, talked to school groups and worked with a wide range of Booksellers ( Sonia from the ‘Children’s Bookshop’ in Huddersfield, Elaine and Sue from ‘Silverdell’ in Kirkham and Tony Higginson from ‘Formby Bookshop’). Additionally I did lots of events for ‘Waterstones’, including the Literature Festival at Lancaster and working with the dynamic Dave (the Drummer in a heavy-metal band called the ‘Eliminators’) who has now gone on to manage the Barrow Store.

It was hard work, tiring but very enjoyable and once again it was great to meet readers both old and new. But now it’s back to my writing!

I enjoyed writing ‘Slither’ because it featured a strange dark non-human mage with lots of new creatures and concepts new to the Wardstone Chronicles Series. It even has a glossary/dictionary of terms at the end of the story (information gathered by an ancient spook). The Kobalos mages murdered their own females long ago and now use human women for food and as slaves! So I thought it would be very interesting to introduce them to Grimalkin. She plays a big part in the book and is not too happy with them to say the least!

Now I am working on the third draft of ‘Alice’ which will be published in June 2013. I have also begun the final book in the series – ‘Spook’s 13’ which doesn’t even have a title yet! It is scheduled to be published in the same month as the film. ‘The Seventh Son’ which is based on the first book and stars Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes and a number of other big stars.
But what will happen in the final book? Will Tom die? Will the Spook die? Will Alice finally go to the dark? I am still trying to work it all out! And I have to deliver the first draft to my editor by Christmas. So it’s a good job that the tour is finally over and I can get
back to work!

Best wishes,

Joseph Delaney.

Spook’s: Slither’s Tale

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Happy Halloween! To celebrate the scariest night of the year, Joseph has shared his top ten tips for writing horror for our brand new Totally Random website, featuring all our latest YA & teen fiction.

Here’s a taster:

(1)    A writer is nothing without ideas. Keep a notebook and write into it every story idea that comes into your head.

(2)    Read widely. You learn to write by reading!

(3)    Practise writing! Get into the writing habit. Too many people say they will write when they finally get the time to do so. They imagine they can do it on an extended holiday or when they retire. You need to make time to write on a regular basis.

Visit Totally Random to read the rest –  and then get to work on your own spooky story! Look out for Joseph’s next blog post about SPOOK’S: SLITHER’S TALE, coming later on today.

Joseph Delaney blog post